New Website

This is our new website. The first website was built using PHP hosted on a Linux system. It was a great learning exercise, but I have been working in the world of Windows for over 20 years. I have been working in C# for about 2 1/2 years and wanted to put that experience to work on a website. We are now hosted by GoDaddy using a Windows Server with IIS7.0. This system allows me to use both PHP and .NET. For the moment, the website is still in PHP. As time allows, I will convert the pages to ASP.NET.

Country Dream Acres Store

Our sheep and bunnies have been working hard at producing some of the best wool you will ever touch. DiAnn and Salem have been busy spinning and crafting. One of the great advantages of having our own webisite is the ability to sell our farm items. Later this year, we will open an online store. Watch for details coming soon.


News Articles

DiAnn, Salem and Gage demostrated at Homestead Days in Beatrice. See the news article here.

The kids did a 4H community service project for the Fremont Parks and Rec this year. See the news article and pictures here.